50ml Beauty personal care cross linked hyaluronic acid injectable dermal filler buttock injection

50ml Beauty Personal Care Cross Linked
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Product Description

Product Description

50ml Beauty personal care cross linked hyaluronic acid injectable dermal filler buttock injection

Hyaluronic Acid Filler is becoming a popular choice as a temporary filler for facial augmentation. It is a safe, non-surgical procedure that conveniently softens facial lines and furrows. It also has the added benefit of not requiring skin testing before use. Hyaluronic acid in fillers binds to water in the tissues, providing a smooth, gel-like consistency after injection.

New Hi-Tech hyaluronic acid products are now available for the correction of wrinkles. They can easily be injected into the skin, are very stable, and ensure a long-lasting cosmetic result. This new type of hyaluronic acid spreads evenly through the skin, creating a smooth transition between treated and non-treated areas. This anti-wrinkle treatment results in a particularly natural, beautiful appearance.
Hi-Tech supply five types Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers: Fine/Medium/Derm Deep/Ultra Deep/Subskin,these five types are particularly suited to treatment with fillers: Superficial wrinkles, e.g. crow's feet or upper lip wrinkles, moderate to deeper wrinkles, e.g. forehead lines, wrinkles around the nose and mouth. These new products are ideally suited to increasing lip volume or improving contours.

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1.Lift saggy bottom;

2.Increase buttocks size;

3.Boost confidence ;

4.Improve skin texture.

Natural Result

Highly Quality

1.Immediate and long-lasting effects.
2.BDDE cross-linked technology ensure uniformity of gel particle.
3.High viscosity for a great filling capacity and optimized elasticity for modeling and a natural,beauty look

Safety and Effective

1.Non allergenic ,no need of allergy testing previously to the treatment.
2.Limited risk of side effects or inflammation thanks to our unique process of.
3.Purification ,removal of oxygen and sterilization.

Affordable price

1.Produced in our own factory ensures lower price and high quality.
2.But our price is more competitive.
3.Small quantity is also acceptable.


1.Our advice is not to use hydropathic compress (ice facial mask) until 48 hours After injecting the Hyaluronic
Acid, and meanwhile do not to press,The area where be injected, so that comes to a good effect.

2. If Slight redness, itching , swelling, soft touch feeling on injection area exist after injecting. It is normal
and all of these situations will disappear in a couple of 7days .if these situations continue.Please consult
your doctor to get solution.

3. Swelling occurs on lip enhancement will last longer than other facial injections ,some treatments will keep
one week ,during this period,The lip looks unnatural ,so remind you ,this is not final effect.And do not touch
the lip directly In 6 hours after doing lip enhancement surgery ,but can wash softly using water and soap.

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