Food and beverage ingredient D ribose

Food And Beverage Ingredient D Ribose
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Product Description

Food and beverage ingredient D-ribose

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D-ribose is manufactured through fermentation technology. The raw materials for fermentation are corn steep liquor, glucose, and mineral salts. The catalytic product D-ribose is turned into the refined product through extraction and purification.

English Name:D- Ribose

Chemical Name:D-Ribofuranose

Origin: Fermentation method.

Molecular Fomula:C5Hl0O5

Molecular Weight:150.13

CAS No:50-69-1




White or slightly yellow crystals or crystalline powder, reducing sugar.


97.0%~102%(HPLC,dry basia)

Loss on Drying

≤3.0%(in vacuum, 60℃,3hours)

Residue on Ignition(Sulfated)


Specific Rotation [a]D20

-18.0°~ - 22.0°

State of Solution


Heavy Metals




Other saccharide

Not detectable (chromatographically)





Aerobic Plate Count

< 100cfu/g

Pathogenic Bacteria


Physical Functions

D-ribose is the main component of the genetic material—— ribonucleic acid (RNA). It also plays a pivotal role in the metabolism of nucleotides, proteins, and fat. D-ribose has very important physiological functions and wide application prospect.

As a molecule existing in all cells, D-ribose is the starting molecule for nucleotide and ATP synthesis. The molecule itself can also serve as a source for energy. It plays an important role of metabolism in cardiac and skeletal muscles and can accelerate the recovery of the local ischemic and hypoxic tissues.

Main Physiological functions:

•Energy increasing

•Fatigue alleviating

•Alertness promoting

•Fat burning

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