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Product Description

Product Description

The full automatic tomato sauce filling machine is specially made for liquid with PM and paste such as tomato paste,honey, jam, gel, peanut butter, oil , shampoo, lotion, cream, etc.The automatic tomato sauce filling machine adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC program system to control. The machine adopts piston pump and for filling. By adjusting the position pump, it can fill all of the bottles in one filling machine, with quick speed and high precision. The hopper and the piston pump can be heated and keep warm.

1. DE palletizer


Automatic DE palletizing machine is mainly suitable for automatic DE palletizing glass bottles of the crib, it will be stacked on the pallet empty cans, bottom-up layers of ascension and layered pushed to the path of the conveyor chain, with empty cans of spray cans machine use, replace artificial row of cans and traditional empty cans of unloading tank machine, can save a lot of artificial, increase production




Power supply/power

380V 50/60HZ 3.5KW

Avaliable to pallet


Depalletizing speed

1-2 lay/min

Depalletizing height

Less than 2000mm

Machine dimension

Based on final making

2. Automatic bottle washing machine

This machine is mainly by clip, conveyer, washing device with steam, it can be connected with filling machine to be a line, also can be separated as a single machine. The bottles took by bottle clip conveyor into cleaning system,

The machine adopts advanced filtering system, using electromagnetic valve control switch in orderto save water. Main part of the machine is entirely stepless motor control with advanced international technology. This machine has compact structure, small cover area, good energy-saving effect, simple operation, good reliability, easy maintenance and adjustment.

To avoid damaging Jar shape, we use silica gel to clamp jars.

Main technical parameter:

Capacity: 100bottles/minute

Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Air consumption: 0.3m3/min

Power: main motor: 0.75KW

Vacuum motor: 0.18KW

Conveyor motor: 0.9Kw

3. Drying and sterilizing tunnel

4. Rotary paste filling machine


The series sauce filling machine adopts piston measure, collects the electromechanical and pneumatic in one body, modern design, nice appearance, precise filling, operation stably and reliable, working efficiently, high adaptability, operation and maintenance convenience etc. The filling machine has one set of stepless speed conveyor, one set of automatic inlet bottle fix position and automatic control system, it could automatically finish inlet bottle, fix position, filling, out of bottle etc action, it has high automaticity, high production speed, filling sanitary condition is good etc advantage.


The all touching material is 304 stainless steel,completely correspond GMP standard.

Fast connection,simple,speedy unpicking and washing.

It's easy to adjust the filling volume and speed.we could change the parts according to the difference size andshape of the bottle,it is easy to adjust.

The machine sets:have bottle automatic filling,no bottle no filling.

The filling headsets drip proof equipment,the filling has not hairline and leak through

The filling head could effectively avoid the filling material to foam and spill,thus improve the filling speed.

The Main Technical Parameter:

Filling type: Piston type filling

Filling head: 12

Production capacity: 5000-6000BPH

Bottle height: 150-280mm

Bottle diameter: 50-90mm

Filling material: Sauce

Power: 1.5KW

Power source: three-phase four-wire system 380V/50HZ

Appearance measurement: 1850X1350X1900MM

5. Vacuum capping machine

1 Introduction of this machine:

The machine is researched and developed by our company with introducing advanced working principle and technology from America and Italy. It is combined with automatic cap arranging, covering and sparay streams vacuum screwing. It features high degree of automation, easy operation. It is easy to adjust for change the bottles and caps.

2 Main Technical Parameter:

Production capacity


Cap diameter






Power supply









6. Online spray cooling machine

Single-row transported out of the bottle reaches the spray machine parts, bottles will automatically

accumulate, and then into the spray sterilization cooling system, after the bottle temperature output is about 45 degrees, then the next step of the process.

The aircraft is currently absorbed in Germany, Italy, Japan and other well- known companies

from the advanced technology the new design, using high-quality 304 stainless steel mesh chain,

with a special sprocket transported.

Above the cooling water inside the machine nozzle, with storage tank bottom, both to ensure good cooling effect, but also reduce energy consumption, this machine uses two temperature zones, established by circulating warm water spray zone effectively saving mode heat.

Preheat tank and cooling tank is about the temperature difference between its reasonable connectivity, exchange recycling, saving the full amount of water.

Technical parameters:

Capacity (Bph)


Inlet temperature

To be confirmed

Outlet temperature


Cooling time

About 3 minutes(Adjustable)

Width of chain net


Circulating water

40 m3/h

Water consumption

2 m3/h

Boundary dimension


Installation weight


7. Online air knife

General description:

The fast flowing air from the blow of the high-pressure fan is sprayed out of an aperture, to remove the remaining juices from bottles to a high extent. The aperture is side-positioned to blow all sides of bottles with fast flowing air.

Technical parameters:

Model: SD

Ventilator power: 4KW

Air pressure: 36kPa

Air speed: 100m/s

8. Vacuum testing equipment


Non-contact online inspection

Acoustic and proximity technology

Up to 1,500 containers per minute

Automatically remove defective products

Color touch screen


Low vacuum or pressure in tinplate containers

Leak inspection on glass bottles with metal closures

Swelled cans, cocked caps, Missing metal crowns, etc

9. Label sleeving machine

General description

This machine adopts international advanced technology, cover the circle label on the PET bottle, and then hotshrinking to fix on the position which bottle body designated.

The machinery part adopts combination designing of modularization, and makes the machine reasonable. The height adjustment adopts motor fluctuating; it is convenient to replace the material. The special cutter head designing make the film-rolling cut more exactly and reliably.



Input Power Supply of Blower

AC220V 50/60Hz 1.1KW

Transporting Speed


Working Pressure


Steam Consumption




Overall size


10. Ink jet printer

11. Carton box holder PE film packing machine

Main performance characteristics

Packing combination

Carton or half tray

Working voltage


Working pressure


Air consumption

0.5 m3 / min

Shrinking chamber


Packing speed

15-18 package/minute

Shrinking temperature


Packing material


Working noisy




12. Palletizer

The main technical parameters

Production capacity


Suitable can diameter


Suitable can height


Maximum stacking height


Suitable pallet size

1.4×1.1m or1.2×1m







13. Belt conveyor

14. PLC Control

Main Components:* engine * electric instrument*single trigger* Control*pneumatic components

It can control each component of the whole Production line or all the electric system. The whole process is controlled by PLC, and pre-alarm equipment can also be set.

15. Water, electricity, tube circuit

During the process of technical artistic design, we put pre-installation part for all the water, electricity and pre-burying system, so it is very convenient. You just install all the equipment related to water, electricity according to the artistic chart without destroy decoration of workhouse. The working efficiency of our engineer is also improved at the same time.



Application package with Chinese special cases, the immune standard for long distance transportation, moisture, rust and shock, prevent rough handling, and pleasant to sea, land transportation and integral lifting

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