Telecommunication equipment metro 3000

Telecommunication Equipment Metro 3000
  • Seller Beijing Hao Hai Huacheng Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1 Piece/Pieces
  • FOB Price US $1-1000 /Piece

Product Description

Packaging & Shipping

TNT , Cartons(655x595x575mm) or wooden box

Product Description

OptiX 2500 + (Metro3000) STM-16 MADM / MSTP optical transmission system (hereinafter referred to as the OptiX 2500 +) device is a multi-service transport platform (MSTP) equipment. The device is the SDH / ATM / Ethernet / DWDM technology integration; it not only has SDH equipment and flexible networking and service scheduling capability (MADM), but also can through 2-layers’ data services, achieve ATM / Ethernet service access, processing, transmission and scheduling in a single device multiple services such as voice, data transmission and processing metro3000 .

The board of Metro3000

Component code Model number Describe
03023522 SS62C34SA 3xE3/T3 Switching access board
03023873 SS62LPSW 4xSTM-1 Switching access board
03024086 SS61EMT8(RJ45) 8-port Ethernet interface board(RJ45)
03030GBM SS63SD1A(S-1.1,SC) 2xSTM-1 Optical interface board(S-1.1,SC)
03030GBN SS63SL1A(S-1.1,SC) 1xSTM-1 Optical interface board(S-1.1,SC)
03030GCC SS63PQ1A(75) 63X2M Interfaces Unit
03030GCD SS63PQ1B(120) 24mm Grey-120ohm-63X2M Electrical interface circuit board
03030GJA SS65XCS01 Cross connection/clock Integrated unit
03030GJE SS63PD1A(75) 24mm Grey 32×75ohm Electrical interface circuit board
03030GPJ SS63SD1A(L-1.1,SC) 2xSTM-1 Optical interface board(L-1.1,SC)
03030GPK SS63SD1A(L-1.2,SC) 2xSTM-1 Optical interface board(L-1.2,SC)
03030GPL SS63SL1A(L-1.1,SC) STM-1 Optical interface board(L-1.1,SC)
03030GPN SS63SL1A(L-1.2,SC) STM-1 Optical interface board(L-1.2,SC)
03030KAM SS64S16A(S-16.1 SC) STM-16 Optical interface board(S-16.1,SC)
03030KAN SS64S16B(L-16.2 SC) STM-16 Optical interface board(L-16.2,SC)
03030LNH SS64S16A(L-16.1 SC) STM-16 Optical interface board(L-16.1,SC)
03030LNJ SS64S16B(Le-16.2 SC) STM-16 Optical interface board(Le-16.2,SC)